Anonymous asked: What is your opinion on Mark's sexual orientation? I personally see him as an Asexual, but it would be interesting to know what you've thought of Mark as!


He’s hetero. And horny. Lol

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When Julie Andrews tells you to support live theater, you do it.

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Super Golden Friends

I usually don’t reblog, but my boyfriend posted this and of course it’s awesome. I mean, it combines my Girls and his superheroes. What’s not to like?

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“Join us…….. Leave your fields to flower”


Join us…….. Leave your fields to flower”

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Happy 125th birthday to my dearest and bestest friend in the world, the legendary Charles Chaplin. The man who made, and continues to make, hundreds of people laugh without having to say one word. A true master of comedy. Happy birthday Charles, I’ll be celebrating down here for you.

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